Discover the Luxury of Calmness

A short story entitled "La Tartana del Baño", about the old Segura Thermal Spa Resort, told how the newcomer to the resort was surprised by the overwhelming silence that reigned in that enclave. A real luxury for the inhabitants of the cities: silence is still an essential component of Segura Thermal Spa Resort. There, disconnecting from the daily routine is very easy: silence, the water, the nature, the treatments, the comforts… The Resort is for adults only. We seek to recreate a space where calm reigns, an essential element to obtain the maximum for your well-being during your stay at Segura Thermal Spa Resort.

The Resort’s water is hypothermal because it arises at 22 degrees, it has a medium-low mineralization, and can be exactly defined as calcium bicarbonate. You can drink this water, as well as shower or bath with it. When drinking it produces a very beneficial effect on the renal system as well as on the functioning of the liver and stomach. The effects on the organism are two: on one hand, it helps diminish rheumatic pain and, on the other hand, it has a sedative, relaxing effect. Historically, the medical literature highlights its beneficial effects on eye diseases.

Dynamic Thermal Pool of Balneario de Segura


A 5 Star Hotel

The hotel in its splendid isolation emerges as an element of the landscape, almost without wanting to be noticed too much. However, once the entrance door is crossed, the sensations are very different: wide spaces, ethnic decoration, each piece is unique, warm atmosphere that emerges from the numerous tapestries, carpets, various rooms, comfortable sofas, wallpapers, wood, dim colors. It is appreciated that it has sought to combine sophistication with the most absolute comfort. In the rooms the beds 2.10 wide by 2 meters long with their double mattress are unrivaled. In the bathroom the shower dispenses the natural thermal water from the spring of the Thermal Spa, a real luxury for the skin.

Junior Suite of Balneario de Segura


The Environment

Segura Thermal Spa Resort, with its healing water, has been for centuries at the bottom of a canyon, at a height of 1,100 meters, surrounded by mountains, the Aguas Vivas River, its riverbank forest, and the different paths that open the way to the most experienced hiker, as well as the mere walker. Wild nature and wildlife, roe deer and goats, abound in this territory that stands out for its clean air, blue sky and starry nights.

Deck of Balneario de Segura


Our Healthy Cuisine

Is it possible to enjoy food and eat properly, even lose weight for those who seek this goal? We believe that it is possible. Our kitchen, along with exercise in nature and daily activities will allow you to leave the Resort again in shape. Healthy Mediterranean cuisine concept, which focuses on quality, with organic products and local notes.

Restaurant of Balneario de Segura